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I have to tell you that I LOVE this fic! It´s very well written (although, I´ve got lost sometimes who is saying what in the dialogues) very easy to read, you keep the characters in character (not everyone does, in spite of receiving tons of reviews...what is a mystery to my mind). I can´t wait to see the Chitauri in action. And, of course, I´m looking forward to your illustrations.

PS: What I adore the most, is the flashback-chapter (if I may call it like this), in which the brothers are breaks my heart for knowing what comes next. Also, you do not enforce the relationship-development here. It runs smoothly from the point where Loki is just furious with Thor (well, maybe a sharper confrontation between the brothers was missing in Ch1 before the ride home via Bifrost), to the point where...well, I guess, we have to wait and see. You´re the author after all. IMHO, it´s just brilliant. (Thor´s 900-year old character being re-written only after spending one day with Jane Foster, was the thing that bugged me the most in that movie.) Wow, come to think of it, this is a long PS...
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